Program Overview:

Dale Lorzo presents a variety of interactive routines that revolve around stories of bullying. Each one demonstrates a principle of definition or conduct for K-6 students. 

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Routine Highlights


Learning Outcomes

Program Objective:

Students will identify bullying and recall ways to prevent it.

1. We are All the Same (Flag production)

Different colored scarves from friends around the world lets us know we can all be friends.

Learning Outcome: We may look and speak differently but we are more alike than we realize.

2. Friendship Quiz (Puzzle)

Bullies and friends may look alike. Students have fun learning its the actions of a bully and a friend that make the difference as they complete the puzzle.

Learning Outcome: Bullies and Friends are defined by their actions, not their appearances. Anyone might be a bully no matter what they look like.

3. Find the Bully Game (Baseball Cap Monte)

It’s the teachers against the students in a game to find the bully. It’s a fun game with a surprising outcome.

Learning Outcome: Bullies can disappear when teachers are near.

4. Bullying is Not Always Clear (Color Changing Scarves)

A black and a white scarf transforms into two checkerboard scarves to demonstrate that people are not always either bullies or victims.

Learning Outcome: Students will understand that bullying is a complex issue with several components that need to be discussed.

5. Be S.A.F.E. (Sign Transformation)

A sign makes surprising changes to show symbols that can help prevent bullying. Symbols of problems become symbols of positive steps to take. The word “SOME” becomes “SAFE,” an acronym for helping victims to cope with bullying.

Learning Outcome: Students will learn a practical acronym that can help them remember four steps to keep from being bullies. S – Stand tall & speak bravely. A – Ask for help from friends and teachers. F – Figure out your choices. E – End it calmly by not losing your temper.

6. Be a Hero, Not a Bystander (The Hero In You)

Students transform four large letters (‘H,’ ‘E,’ ‘R’ and ‘O’) into a picture of a Superhero, and everyone hears how helping others can prevent bullying.

Learning Outcome: Students will discover four ways to help keep their friends from becoming victims of bullying.

7. Hand to Hand Cooperation (Mind Your Hands)

Several students put on mismatched gloves and arrange themselves in a line. Students will need to cooperate with each other to form the line. Lorzo will correctly predict which students form the ends of this line.

Learning Outcome: Students will learn that working together builds friendships and prevents bullying

8. Poster Production (Poster is made for the school)

Friends must work together for a magical outcome.

Learning Outcome: IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME.

9. Show Recap (Scarves change into a Butterfly)

Students are reminded what S.A.F.E. and H.E.R.O. stand for and what they can do to make their school a No Bully Zone.

Learning Outcome: By being a good friend, your school becomes a better place.


A phrase to remember:

        If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me!

Acronyms that can help us overcome bullies:


        Stand Tall

        Ask For Help

        Figure Out Choices

        End it Calmly


        Help out



        Open Communication        

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