“The No Bully Zone Power of a Friend” is a fully equipped two-person motivational program presented by Dale and Elaine Lorzo for students in grades K-6. This exciting show is all about friendships, cooperation, anti-bullying and how to be an Everyday Hero to your friends.


This educationally significant show uses magic, music and audience participation to keep the students involved as they have fun while learning an anti-bullying message.

By working together, we can give children the chance to enjoy their school days to the fullest! “The No Bully Zone Power of a Friend” is a fun and magical show geared for all age groups.

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The No Bully Zone

“Power of a Friend”

Program Overview

You may not know that 160,000 American children skip school each day because of bullying. The good news is that bullying is a learned behavior that, we can do something about. This is an opportunity for children to participate in a school program, “The No Bully Zone Power of a Friend” that was designed to teach these and other important skills.


Dale and Elaine have over 50 years of combined experience presenting programs on safety, reading, recycling, character, self-esteem and anti-bullying messages. Their backgrounds also include theatre, prop building, costuming and dance plus many years of supplying similar programs for McDonald’s.

What’s included:

• This is a self-contained program complete with PA system and backdrops. The preferred setup for this indoor assembly is to be on the floor on the same level with the students.

  1. FREE Teacher Curriculum Guide

  2. FREE Classroom exercises

  3. FREE Anti-bullying posters to reinforce The No Bully Zone

  4. FREE Show evaluation for comments, suggestions and referrals